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wdt_ID Job title Workplace Type See the job offer
1 Electrical Engineer Paris area Permanent contract
2 Internship - Vehicle function adaptation Nanterre (92) 4-6 months Internship
3 Thermal/air conditioning design engineer Ile de France Permanent contract
4 Multiphysical Modelling Engineer Ile de France (south) Permanent contract
5 IS-MBSE Engineer Ile de France (south) Permanent contract
6 Internship - Development and implementation of an FMU block orchestration algorithm for co-simulation Clermont-Ferrand (63) 6 months Internship (February 2023)
7 Internship - Implementation of an open-source simulation environment Clermont-Ferrand (63) 6 months Internship (February 2023)
8 Internship - Development of an image segmentation network for the detection of 3D objects from Lidar and Camera data Clermont- Ferrand (63) 6 months Internship (February 2023)
9 Internship - Detection of vertical and horizontal road signs Clermont-Ferrand (63) 6 months Internship (February 2023)
10 Internship - Hydrogen engine simulation Nanterre (92) 6 months Internship (2023)
11 Internship - Benchmark study of energy performance in simulation Nanterre (92) 6 months Internship (2023)
12 Internship - Creation of web interfaces for IMF simulations Nanterre (92) 6 months Internship (2023)

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