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SHERPA Engineering is a System Engineering Services Company specialising in the model-oriented system approach for the study, design and validation of controlled technical systems in the automotive, aeronautical, energy, naval, military, space, manufacturing and food industries…

SHERPA Engineering puts multi-criteria system modelling and simulation at the heart of your engineering by promoting an object/process approach to master complexity, capitalise and improve resource reuse, reduce system and project risks.



SHERPA Engineering supports its clients by modelling the system from several points of view (teleological, functional, physical), formalising the requirements repository and connecting the requirements with the models.

SHERPA Engineering has based its knowledge and experience on dynamic modelling, real-time simulation, mechatronics, dynamic systems control and functional validation of ECU control laws at all stages of the development and life cycle.

Our applications include autonomous vehicles and driving aids, shared mobility, optimal energy management, generalised design of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems.

SHERPA Engineering offers integrated solutions by having a global view of the system in its super-system and by federating a network of SMEs for their implementation.

SHERPA Engineering develops standard offers and simulation platforms that can be adapted and configured to the client’s needs.

SHERPA Engineering relies on in-house collaborative management, tool-based processes and models for the design, optimisation and validation of control systems.
We develop business applications covering the entire development cycle, both top-down (design) and bottom-up (integration, verification, validation, qualification), predictive control and multi-physics model libraries.

SHERPA Engineering also has functional test benches for testing computers and control software.

SHERPA Engineering invests an average of 15% of its turnover in the research and development of its organisational, methodological and technical know-how in order to provide solutions to innovative industrial projects and answer rapidly to a client’s need.

We are “ISO 9001 Quality” certified, have the “Lucie 26000 Positive CSR” label and are constantly seeking to strike a balance between the economic, human and societal dimensions.


Building innovative solutions through our system approach in the industrial world by getting involved in projects, which are a source of fulfilment for current and future generations.

We provide a link between the industrial world and research and offer training courses to increase maturity.

We contribute to projects that protect the planet and biodiversity.

We support our clients’ international development.

We support evolution towards responsible consumer worlds.

We set up contexts that encourage the development of young people and the transmission of knowledge through mentoring with seniors.

We allow our employees to be players and stakeholders in the evolution of the company.

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