A Simulink library for design and simulation of model-based predictive control systems

PhiControl is a library of Simulink blocks developed to design, tune, analyze and simulate advanced control systems. PhiControl ensures easy design of the complete closed-loop while including process constraints. The control blocks enable the management of operating modes and fault detection. PhiControl supports C-code generation for rapid prototyping and embedded system design.

PhiControl creates models for actuators and sensors, as well as blocks for signal processing and fault injection and detection. The library has been created in the Simulink environment and therefore it is compatible with Simulink and PhiSim models. It is possible to export control models from PhiControl to other simulation environments such as Dymola or AMESim.

Key features

  • Predictive Functional Control (PFC) with intuitive tuning parameters which facilitate successful implementations in engineering processes.
  • Blocks have dynamic interfaces to modify the controller value during simulation.
  • Many examples available to help users build customized control systems.
  • Other elements included are sensor models, defaults, basic actuators (transfer function) and generic supervisors.

PhiControl in "Model Based Control Design" configuration

PhiControl Environment