The Business

Sherpa Engineering is a worldclass provider of expertise in model-based system engineering for a broad range of industries. They cover the full product lifecycle including modeling, simulation, and control design.

The Challenge

In the early 2010s, Sherpa Engineering decided to provide a comprehensive tool-based methodology for design and analysis of cyber-physical systems. For this new challenge, it was necessary to develop expertise in system modeling based on the SysML industry-standard modeling language as well as a corresponding tool.

The Solution

Sherpa Engineering selected Papyrus as the underlying MDE platform for PhiSystem, their multi-viewpoint modeling tool for complex systems design. This tool supports working with all facets of development: requirements capture, data flow design, architecture, component behaviour, and testing.

The Benefit

Sherpa Engineering successfully deployed their PhiSystem to their principal customers. The resulting quality and product improvements have directly led to increased revenue. This was accomplished in less than three years from the start of development. Such a rapid turnaround was to a great extent due to the use of an existing opensource editing tool for SysML.