Electric and hybrid vehicle

Since 2007 we have set up a pole of expertise in the powertrain systems for electric and hybrid vehicles to answer to studies demand on innovation programs by car manufacturers.

Sherpa Engineering has strongly contributed to the design and validation of the control for the powertrain system in Renault electric cars.

Our offer

We propose physical models and controllers based on our PhiSimPowertrain library, as well as support services and expertise to assist customers during the whole development cycle of the powertrain systems in electric and hybrid vehicles.

PhiSimPowertrain library

PhiSimPowertrain is a library specifically conceived for powertrain in electric and hybrid vehicles. It has been built in the PhiSim modeling environment and includes components of different nature: mechanical, electrical and control-related to enable powertrain models quick assembly for all vehicle types (conventional, electric and hybrid). Generic models are available in the library to facilitate models creation to users.


Simulation platform

In the context of innovative projects, Sherpa Engineering has contributed to the development of a simulation platform to estimate fuel consumption, polluting emissions and performances in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our goal is to:

  • Functional analysis of an electric or hybrid powertrain (battery charge, energy recovery…)
  • Help to specify powertrain equipment (electric motor, battery, etc) to meet specific requirements of the vehicles (performance criteria, autonomy, etc)
  • Assess performance, consumption and autonomy criteria and calculate the energy balance

Global model of longitudinal dynamics represents power relation among physical functions (power generator, coupling and transmission element, accumulator, etc), the control and the environment.

Control strategies consider start and stop conditions of the thermal engine, the split of energy sources use and the recovery of the kinetic energy in deceleration.

Electric powertrain control

We have brought our knowledge about powertrain systems to the development of the control system for electric powertrain systems of the French car manufacturers and also in the context of R&D projects partnering with several industrial companies and academic institutions.

Thanks to our systemic approach we are ideally suited to design and integrate control models in embedded systems. Related tasks are:

  • Definition, allocation and traceability of the requirements (performance and safety)
  • Control design for powertrain and vehicle stability
  • Architecture of the control model and the applicative software
  • Integration in a vehicle global model for validation by simulation
  • Integration in the embedded system and HIL validation
  • Validation in the vehicle of performances, stability and safety

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