Air conditioning system

During many years of working with car manufacturers on air conditioning systems, we have put in place an expert cluster dedicated to modeling and control for air conditioning systems in vehicles. We have contributed to all development phases of air conditioning and thermal comfort in vehicles produced my French car maker, PSA and Renault.

We perfectly master all life cycle phases for these systems: studies prior to development, design, tuning, validation and control testing. We use models and simulators to successfully manage all these types of projects.

Our offer

We propose models based on our PhiSimAirConditioning library, as well as expert support and training to accompany our customers in the development of air conditioning control systems.

Our models include not only the physical components but also the complete control system in a modular way in order to adapt it to different air conditioning architectures.

PhiSimAirConditioning library

We have developed the PhiSimAirConditioning library in the PhiSim environment (our in-house simulation tool). Thanks to it we are in the position to implement projects related to:

  • Air conditioning design
  • Consolidation, tuning and validation of control systems for air-conditioning

Available models in the library are compatible with real time constraints; therefore controls are quickly ready for code generation while the physical model is apt for HIL validation.

PhiSimAirConditioning is based on our PhiSim thermo-fluid library (moist air, refrigerant …) and is able to replicate main air conditioning aspects : temperature, humidity, flow and air quality.

Library includes the following system elements:

  • Cold loop: compressor, exchanger, evaporator, condenser (monophasic et biphasic), expansion devices (valves), receiver dryer.
  • Hot loop : pump, exchanger and additional equipment, PTC, Heater, etc)
  • Heat pump including compressor, exchanger and electric
  • Cabin: modeling and thermal exchanges to assess comfort inside the cabin space
  • Generic and modular control system to adapt to different air conditioning architectures



Typical applications developed for our customers are:

Modeling and Simulation

We have developed a methodology and tools for the quick design of air conditioning control systems in order to meet thermal comfort requirements:

  • Systemic modeling to define and trace the requirements in line with the architecture and the tests
  • Modeling and simulation of the air conditioning system with the objective of designing and validating the control system. Simulation model is built with the PhiSimAirConditioning, library and must be compatible with HIL validation constraints
  • Results analysis and diagrams drawing (Mollier cycle)

Control system

Our experience in the automotive sector extends to generation and validation of the control embedded code. We use solutions for automatic generation from MathWorks and dSPACE to generate code from a control system model made on Simulink. These solutions provide the best performances in terms of execution time and memory space.

C code generated is validated afterwards by interfacing it with the physical model. We use code generation libraries form Mathworks to ensure that we obtain the coverage rate needed.

Calibration and validation

We have participated to the tuning of the control laws and to the thermal comfort validation during les souffleries et lors d’essais en roulage en climat chaud ou froid.

Thanks to our modeling deep knowledge, we are able to save time in the critical phases by pre-tuning and validation through simulation.

NEW: Diphasic Library of Super-Eléments in Simscape

Sherpa Engineering has developed a diphasic Library of Super-Elements in simscape and a first application : refrigerant loop with two evaporators: ProductRefLoopBrochure

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