Advanced Driver Assistance System

Since the early 2000s, Sherpa Engineering has been involved in vehicle ground links activities. The acquisition of a notoriety in the control-command and the diagnosis allowed us to carry out projects of modeling and development of control-command for the applications in ground links.

With the advent of ADAS in the automotive field, Sherpa Engineering naturally positioned itself on the modeling, simulation and control-command of driving assistance systems.

ADAS systems

A driving aid is, in particular, an active safety information or driver assistance system for:

  • Avoiding the occurrence of a hazardous situation that could result in an accident;
  • Free the driver from a number of tasks that could alleviate his / her alertness
  • Assist the driver in his / her perception of the environment (overtaking detector, frost risk detector, etc.).


Our offer

We offer models of ADAS systems with all the necessary elements to configure other systems, as well as service and expertise to support our customers in the design and validation of innovative systems.

In the context of an ADAS system, Sherpa Engineering has developed solutions for the fusion of multi-sensor data:

  • Generic multi-sensor data fusion modules (radar, scanner, laser, camera) allowing the detection of obstacles to the prediction of their future trajectory.
  • Sensor management: standardization and alignment of data.
    • Scene perception: Object tracking: fusion of multi-sensor data to detect the different obstacles of the scene by assigning them a type (pedestrian, vehicle, …) and a level of detection reliability.
    • Detection of the road: detection of traffic lanes.
  • Scene Analysis:
    • Prediction of the trajectories: prediction of the probable trajectories of displacement of the obstacles identified in the scene, associated with a criterion of reliability of the prediction
    • Estimation of collision risk: prediction of the risk of collision with the obstacles of the scene on a time scale of a few seconds
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