Smart Grid

We master Smart Grid system complexity for innovative end user applications. The research project called Eguise, is an example of this technology applied to manage an electrical vehicle fleet.

Electricity network interconnects energy producers to industrial and individual consumers. Since this link is in one direction from the producer to the consumer, it is difficult to forecast energy demand because of the energy stock constraints. Nowadays, due to the increasing number of consumers and the associated energy consumption increase, it is necessary to find a solution. Two options are possible, either to increase the energy production or to use this resource wisely.

Considering the second option, new technologies must be introduced. If we create a parallel communications network to the electricity one that links producers and consumers, they will be able to exchange information about needs, production and consumption. This, so called smart grid, would use information technologies to optimize energy distribution to satisfy users.

Projet Eguise

Eguise program is about “vehicle for the future” led by the French institution ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie) and started in February 2013 for a three year duration. Eguise goal is to develop an ecosystem for the management of all electrical vehicles in a given area. Energy usage is optimized thanks to:

  • A new generation infrastructure using bidirectional induction transfer
  • A global communication infrastructure based on optimal load algorithms and a supervision platform accessible via Web


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