Thermal engine

We are specialists in the design of energy systems and their control systems. We have accompanied our customers to face energy challenges related to thermal engines such as sizing, modeling, simulation, design and validation of controls.

Alstom Power, EDF, GDF, DCNS, Veolia, IFP and Axane acknowledge our competences in the energy optimization domain and share our vision about the future of energy saving techniques.

Our offer

Sherpa Engineering has developed a set of models and components gathered in the PhiSim thermo-fluid library with the objective of building systems:

  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Energy converter systems (from thermal to electrical) : heating pump, thermal power plant, gas turbine, steam turbine, cogeneration, etc/li>

Thermo-fluid library

PhiSim is a multi-physics modeling environment developed in-house and composed on a set of physical customizable components in terms of libraries to describe many industrial and physical elements. We have created some specialized tools, within the PhiSim environment, for thermal engines:

  • Multi-physics libraries of technical components representing the most relevant thermal, thermo-dynamic and hydraulic events. Complete energy systems can be composed by assembly of these components
  • Generic models to be integrated into simulators at global system level
  • Additional tools to help users to define parameters, size the system and analyze model simulation results

Découvrez les bibliothèques « Thermo-fluide » de PhiSim


Some examples of applications developed by Sherpa Engineering for control system tuning, system behavior analysis and MIL/SIL/HIL validation are:

Gas turbine

Turbine model is a multi-level model that includes the flow extraction and the reheater. It has been conceived to represent interworking between thermo-fluid and mechanical aspects

The simulation tool encompasses identification and tuning of the different elements of the model that require parameters definition.

Discover the library of Super-Element developed with Simscape « Thermo-fluide » with the standard application “Gas turbine”

Turbo machine

The turbo machine application includes gas turbine and combustion chamber sub-systems. We have a specialized library containing gas combustion elements.

Air distribution system

This model represents the production system and the air distribution system in a factory. It consists of air line models, compressors and regulation loops.

Hydrogen production process

Simulator has been designed to study the process behavior in starting and stopping critical phases. The model includes actuators, intake, exhaust and stop valves. Additionally, specific tools are available to define the characteristics and the parameters of the model components.

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