Our customers acknowledge our technical expertise in mechanics, vehicle dynamics, thermal engines, cooling systems and combustion engines. Our engineers intervene in energy optimization projects for studies related to modeling, simulation and validation of complex systems.

We recruit engineers on a regular basis and we are interested in people eager to join us and motivated by our technical domains of expertise.

We also propose internship opportunities that allow students to deepen in their technical skills and contribute to Sherpa Engineering’s development. The internship topic is defined with the interns prior to their arrival. We offer the possibility to join our research office or working on a commercial project according to interns’ development preference.

For engineers joining our company, we provide them (both young graduates and experienced engineers) with an integration course and with an informal training to reinforce their knowledge of our core business and our processes. Along their careers they have multiple opportunities for professional development.

Specific roles

You will find the following job roles in our company:

  • Research engineer: they carry out studies in our research office or they work with customers as part of their teams, working with their tools and methods. They report to our technical leaders who accompany them in their research. Meeting project planning and time delivery constraints are essential to succeed in this role.
  • Project manager: they manage projects and members of the project team. They are in charge of project aspects such as cost, quality and timeline. They design models thanks to their technical expertise and they liaise with customers by regular reports and meetings.
  • Technical leader: they realize studies, like research engineers, but they also bring their excellence in technical domains to specialized studies and to help other engineers. They also participate to elaborate project specifications with customers.

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