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Sherpa Engineering is a company specialized in modeling, simulation and control design

Our projects are part of the system engineering process and specially the phases of design, realization and validation. Our offer is based on the systematic use of generic models that remain the same during the system development process.

Our core business is modeling, simulation and control design. Our mission is to support our customers in deploying a methodology based on models and on our specialized tools, which capitalize on our experience from hundreds of projects. Thanks to these tools we are in a unique position to accompany our customers by providing highly customized studies and models.

We have participated in numerous research projects and we have developed key technological partnerships with renowned French laboratories(CEA, IRT SystemX …). Thanks to our strong research activity we remain at the forefront of technological innovation and methodology. We invest 12% of our revenues in R&D activities which is essential to define and execute our vision in the long term.

We are not only an engineering services company, but we are a an specialized tool developer. Our tools are based on models and libraries built during 15 years working in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors.

We follow a quality program in our processes and in our services delivery to customers. ISO 9001-V2000 is a warranty of our sustainability in terms of methodology.

Administrative data

Administrative data: Donnees-administratives_Sherpa-Engineering.pdf

Raison sociale Société Anonyme
Siège social 333 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, CS50207, 92741 Nanterre Cedex
Capital 412 400 Euros
N° de Siret du siège social 413 367 228 00041
RCS de Nanterre B 413 367 228
Numéro d’identification intercommunautaire (NII) FR 55413367228
Code APE 7112B (ingénierie, études techniques)
Numéro d’identification internationale (DUNS) 55 167 1928
Dirigeants Jean Brunet & Atilla Yazman


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