In our projects to optimize vessel habitable zones we deal with different aspects such as: thermal comfort, energy optimization (energy balance), gas emission reduction and water treatment. As modeling and simulation specialists we apply our methodology and our tools to optimize life cycle cost, management cost and energy consumption.


Energy optimization

This application consists in creating a system model in order to optimize energy, improve the architecture and compare performances associated to the possible architectures of the habitable areas of the vessel.

Dynamic simulation

The objective is to create a model of the H2 production system, design its control and evaluate its dynamic performances.

Water extraction system to condenser

The model represents the water extraction system, therefore we can evaluate its propulsion performances.

The EONAV project

On DCNS demand, 6 naval companies and 2 research centers have launched the EONAV project. The project has the objective of designing an eco-design solution to help the vessel crew in decision taking in terms of energy consumption and atmospheric emissions.

As part of this project, Sherpa Engineering specifies and develops a simulator of the habitable areas of a generic ship. Our role is to optimize the total energy consumption and develop the evaluation tool. Our modeling activities are listed hereafter:

  • Modeling using Open Modelica
  • Modeling of a vessel habitable areas
  • Modeling of the environment and the users
  • Development of a gradable components library

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