We have worked since the year 2000 in the aeronautics sector on engineering system projects including processes of design, realization and validation of systems as well as their control system. We have successfully applied our competences in modeling, system design and requirements engineering.

Multi-physics modeling

We are in charge of functional dimensioning for system design based on multi-physics models:


  • Modeling and identification of AMESim® and Matlab/Simulink models
  • Hydraulic studies to ensure certification
  • Studies and simulation of mission profiles on AMESim models
  • Customers’ requirements verification using simulation model of variable geometries

Thermo fluids

  • Modeling and identification of AMESim and Matlab/Simulink thermal models (oil and fuel circuit on different engines)
  • Analysis of thermal and hydraulic tests
  • Component identification (heat exchanger, pump, valves)
  • Development of a Matlab®/Simulink® tool to dimension thermal oil/fuel exchangers

Control system

  • Controller design and tuning
  • Validation studies for variable geometrics oscillation models
  • Update of local controller for a given engine:
    • Controller architecture
    • Modeling and tuning of the architectures
    • Validation and tuning on test bench
  • Design and validation on Matlab/Simulink environment of a motor engine controller in order to validate the performance requirements according to internal specifications

Requirements Engineering and “Study and Design Document”

Requirements engineering is key for certification. Our main activities in this field are:

  • Breakdown of aircraft engine requirements in system, subsystem and software requirements: needs analysis, design, requirements writing.
  • Problems report (PR) along the aircraft life cycle:
    • Technical problems solving
    • Requirements changes
  • Impact analysis of proposed changes: requirements changes impact and external effects (CEM, thermal, etc), system view and interfaces towards sectors and other areas
  • System and engine tests: process files, tests on test bench, test analysis, functioning verification and PR removal

  • Validation and verification:
    • Unitary, functional and logic integration validation
    • System and software traceability : coherence verification and ensure coherence between system requirements and software (using DOORS)
    • Support to comply with DO178B, follow up of process for engine certification
  • Support to write the system specifications, from system vision to realization including functional decomposition, context diagram, etc.
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