Control system and multivariable optimization

IDCOM-HIECON is a multivariable predictive controller and optimizer conceived for continuous manufacturing processes. IDCOM-HIECON is based on the Sherpa Engineering’s model predictive methodology. We have a long experience in using this solution with industrial customers worldwide (Infotrol in Korea, JGC in Japan, Supcon in China, etc).

Five reasons to choose IDCOM-HIECON:

  1. As a multivariable controller, IDCOM-HIECON takes into account all interactions among all process variables.
  2. It uses the model-based method which allows controlling complex dynamic processes (integrator and long delay). It eases the product development process by comparing the virtual model to the real process measurements.
  3. It is based on predictive control, therefore disturbances are corrected in anticipation before the effects are noticed
  4. It optimizes through a control closer to system constraints
  5. It optimizes hierarchically in order to meet specifications according to priorities

Advanced features

In addition to the product key features, IDCOM-HIECON has the following advanced functionalities:

  • The number of manipulated variables may be different from the number of process outputs to be controlled
  • Secondary objectives, with a lower priority than the set points, can be specified to some of the process variables
  • The manipulated variables can also satisfy some secondary objectives as long as the working conditions allow for it
  • Some constraints can be defined on the process outputs
  • All specifications are defined in a table (“control structure”) readable by the user and the control algorithm
  • It is possible to define as many “control structures” as necessary in order to meet different working conditions
  • The controller can work in degraded situations, which results in fewer variables (actions or process variables) than in normal conditions


A first version of the product, called IDCOM, was developed in the early seventies by ADERSA and was transferred to several industries and engineering companies. The IDCOM-HIECON solution and the related CAD tools were transferred to Sherpa Engineering in 2004. Today, Sherpa Engineering is responsible for applications, maintenance and further development of the product. Current version of the product is the result of Sherpa Engineering’s experience with industrial companies all around the globe.

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