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We provide innovative solutions.
We are specialists in modeling,
simulation and control design

Sherpa Engineering est un fournisseur
de solutions innovantes de simulation, de modélisation
et de contrôle-commande.

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Our air conditioning activities

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In the last 5 years

We have successfully carried out:

+ 280

 control system development and  validation projects

+ 250

 modeling and simulation

+ 260

 projects in the automotive sector

Our clients include

+ 30

leading    industrial companies worldwide

Commited to deliver quality

Sherpa Engineering is ISO 9001 certified since 2002 in relation to its projects and training courses.

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A New Concept of Functional Energetic Modelling and Simulation.

Published: 978-1-5090-4119-0/16 $31.00 2016 IEEEE

DOI 10.1109/EUROSIM.2016.34 "Finlande"

Abstract—In this study a new concept of functional modelling and simulation is introduced. First, the necessity and the expected outcomes of the new concept are explained. Secondly, the methodology of functional modelling based on a modular concept and the basic elements are presented, with details of OFS (Organico Functional Set). Then, the implementation of the new modelling concept using Sherpa Engineering’s PhiSim environment is described in order to perform simulations. Finally, the proposed modelling method is applied to two different applications: a generic parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and a waste water treatment unit of a building. Simulation results of parallel HEV application are also presented.

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